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Here at Lumuku...

We believe in the importance of learning languages, which is why we are re-imagining classic games to make them bilingual.

With HALF + MEDIO, players match pairs of cards that have the same meaning but are translated into two different languages. Of course, there are goofy illustrations to keep things interesting!

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Roll with us! *
Roll with us!

Shine Bright

Games bring people together. So, why not bring the world a little closer together? LUMUKU is committed to helping people learn and grow through fun experiences. By promoting more face-to-face interactions and positive associations centered around cultural exchange, we can make a brighter future!


A Jack of All Trades

LUMUKU, LLC was started by Ryan Dean, an English teacher by day, artist by night, and world-explorer for life.

While running an art studio for Turkish children in an intensive English language program in Istanbul, inspiration struck to create fun new ways to expose people of all ages to the many languages of the world. Rye is making this dream come to life while living in Providence, Rhode Island (USA), where he works as an English teacher and a printmaker.