Frequently Asked Questions


What does LUMUKU mean?

My summers teaching in Istanbul, Turkey brought me together with some of the most inspiring and vivid people I have ever met. While we were away from each other in the off-season, we'd remain in touch and always sign off in our emails with LUMUKU, an acronym that meant Love You, Miss You, Kiss You. 

What's with the non-traditional layout?

The cards are designed so that they must be fanned in the opposite direction than normal. This may feel funny at first, but it is intended to help adults learn the words on the cards faster. Our brains will commit something to memory more easily if the new information is processed while having a new experience.


Which languages are available?

Currently, the playing card decks are available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Turkish.

Half + Medio is offered as a Spanish/English matching game.  

What is the animal on the logo?

The LUMUKU logo is a shining little glow worm. When I was younger, my mom used to sing a song about a glow worm to wake me and my brother up for school. Although we always wanted a few more minutes of sleep, it got us up and ready to learn!